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The Nejd offers a range of essential and perfume oils that truly define the essence of Arabia.

Frankincense Essential Oil
EO-1000: 10ml
  Frankincense Perfume Oil
PO-1000:  10ml
EO-1050:  30ml   PO-1050:  30ml
Myrrh Perfume Oil
EO-1200:  10ml
  Frankincense & Myrrh Perfume Oil
PO-1200:  10ml
EO-1250:  30ml   PO-1250:  30ml
Ceramic Oil Burner
  Candle with 10ml Frankincense Essential Oil

Closely associated with spirituality, aromatherapists often cite the benefits of frankincense essential oil. Believed to promote health, introspection and calm, frankincense also enhances the respiratory, epidermal and immune systems and is highly prized for its powerful anti-ageing properties.